Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wheat is sprouted !

We have 10 days to finish the solar year (1387). The spring is coming and every thing is going to be new. I do not know that how much you have heard about the Iranian's customs for New Year. Since the solar calendar is the current calendar of our country, we celebrate the New Year after finishing 12 months of a solar year.
In the last days of the year, Iranians start to clean their homes. "Khaaneh Tekaani" in Farsi or spring-cleaning in English is one of our important New Year traditions that were also available in the ancient Iran. We believe that, we should make every thing clean or even new for a New Year. To me it is the philosophy of spring, to be new and fresh, like the nature.
And about my today's title! Sprouted wheat is the one of our other customs for New Year. In my future posts, you'll be known about it and other customs like "Chaharshanbe Suri"(the last Wednesday party) ,"Nowruz", "7 sin", etc. It would be so interesting for you, specially do not forget to see the post of 20Th of March!