Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Delicious Persian Dizi

The delicious Dizi or Abgoosht that we had in a traditional restaurant few days ago
Dizi is the food in that stony black bowl, with a bowl of yoghurt, a bowl of Torshi Litteh, some Pisces of Sangak bread, fresh vegetables and onion

According to wiki pedia:
Ābgūsht (Persian: آبگوشت) is a Persian specialty food. It is usually made with chickpea, dried white beans, lamb meat, peeled onions, tomatoes, turmeric (zardchube), salt and pepper to taste and dried limes (limu ammani). The final step is to strain all solids ( Gusht meaning meat) from the broth (AB pronounced AAb, meaning water in Persian). The solids are then mashed and served with the broth, but in a separate dish. The original form of this meal referred to as Dizi is cooked in pots carved from stone.