Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Last Week of Year I

We have just 3 days to finish the year 1387. Every things show us the spring. I can feel the smell of flowers well. People are busy with their shopping these days as they seem so happy and hopeful with all their life's difficulties. A week before Nowruz we have "Beneficence Celebration". Iran's government builds many stations in streets to collect people's charities for poor families. This is the best way that we can divide all our joys with others.
Today morning, I went out with my mom to shop since 8:00 Am and it was so enjoyable to take photo for me. I always loved the last week of the year, the lovely city of the last week is a different one and I am sure that such city is just in IRAN. I wish you could be here and feel the smell of LOVE and PEACE here.

Sabzeh , one of 7 sin 's (or 7 "S") Elements - wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish - symbolizing rebirth

Different types of Sabzeh and flower for 7 sin table

Sonbol- the fragrant hyacinth flower , another elements of 7 sin that symbolizing the coming of spring

In the confectionery, people buy their favorite sweet such as traditional Iranian pastries like baghlava for new year and their gusts (this is a custom that people have gathering parties with their relatives in the new year). The number 88 shows the year 1388.

I could see the 7 sin sets in all sores today, like this antique one

Municipality tries to clean all parts of the city and paint the equipments

In the traditional way, Iranians have roast fish with steamed rice & vegetables for the first dinner of New Year

And we bought fish & fresh vegetables, too.

I will post more photos on my next update. I offer you do not miss my these days post ;)