Sunday, August 24, 2008

Persian Gulf, For Ever

Posted by Meead
Today I noticed that Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo posted a nice photo of Persian Gulf; But unfortunately she named it the false name of Arabian Gulf. He put a link to check out the wiki on the naming dispute of the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

Considering the historical background of the name Persian Gulf, Sir Arnold Wilson mentions in a book, published in 1928 that:
“No water channel has been so significant as PERSIAN GULF to the geologists, archaeologists, geographers, merchants, politicians, excursionists, and scholars whether in past or in present. This water channel which separates the Iran Plateau from the Arabia Plate, has enjoyed an Iranian Identity since at least 2200 years ago."

It is interesting to know that from among 6000 existing historical maps published upto 1890, there are only three maps mentioning Arabic Gulf.

Please read this UN Report if you are interested to know the TRUTH: