Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mecca in my Sketches

Posted by Sara
15 days residing in Mecca and Medina was a good chance for me to do some special work and improve my professional life; sketching, photographing, visiting famous architectural places and etc. It was also a great situation for me to think more and try to purification, to seek God in a right way…and now I have such a nice feeling. I believe that, this trip was an experience for both my body and my soul! I haven't tried yet to recover my camera memory, so I can't show you the original photos from there. Although these sketches are not so accurate, I decided to post some of them on the blog and after recovering the pictures I'll post more photos with information about Hajj and holly Mecca.

"That (manasik-prescribed duties of Hajj is the obligation that mankind owes to Allah) and whoever honours the sacred things of Allah, then that is better for him with his lord. The cattle are lawful to you, except those (that will be) mentioned to you (as exceptions) so shun the abomination (worshipping) of idol, and shun lying speech (false statements)."
Reference: Quran 22:30