Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Large Street TV

Recently, a big street TV has been set up in Malek Abad Boulevard, close to Khayyam Intersection. It often displays advertisements. I am thinking of a day that it shows an important soccer match, then lots of people may gather there to watch the TV. It must be interesting.
There is also a traffic control device near the TV; a traffic camera which sends the intersection's images to the Traffic Control Center (TCC) through a wireless system. You may see the antenna on the top of the pole. What if the person in the TCC likes to watch the TV (the soccer match), he/she turns the camera to the TV instead of intersection and watches it ;)
A scientific thought: I think the light of the TV affects the quality of camera's images. Don't you think so?

Location: Khayyam Intersection, Malek Abad Boulevard, Mashhad