Saturday, May 17, 2008

Persian rugs and the concept of heaven

Wooooo!! Don't you like to sit on a flying rug and go to the heavens? It seems there are some flying rugs for sell. There are lots of these rugs in Shandiz, near Mashhad. Their design and colors are really lovely. We have two of them in our home. When we go out for picnic or any where to enjoy the nature, we bring our rugs and put them on the ground and enjoy sitting and lying on them (see the following photo, this is our rug, isn't it beautiful?). There is a deep cultural concept in Persian rugs. In the old times, people imagined the heaven and painted it on the rugs. They liked to live, to walk, to sit and to lie in the heaven. So they made their rugs like their imaginations of heaven.

Location: Shandiz main street, Shandiz, Mashhad