Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Side Trip: Mecca and Medina

Posted by Sara

Prophet Muhammad mosque

Prophet Muhammad mosque (interior view)

Muhammad; The prophet of kindnesses
Here is the prophet Muhammad mosque. Notice the style of Architecture. It is built in Shaam school (which is included the Byzantine school in Damascus). I love this kind of a Architecture. It always reminds me the Cathedral of Cordoba in Spain.

Shajareh mosque-pilgrims with white clothes

In Meead photos you saw the way that Men (pilgrims) wear white clothes. now in my photos you can also see how women are dressed for Hajj (umrah).

Medina, Sara-wearing Chador!

One of my important experiences was my optional style of wearing Hijab there. Yes, as you see I wear Chador. it was the first time that I used to wear it for such long time (15 days) and I should confess that it was so difficult, because I don’t try it in my country Iran. I just wear scarf and uniform here.

Masjid-Al-Haram (Prophet Abraham's Footprint Place in front of Kaaba)

Masjid-Al-Haram (Kaaba)

Recovering my lost photos was the most joyful event during these days. Although we save memories in our hearts, photos help us to remember more. It was my third trip to Medina and Mecca. I've been there one time when I was 11 and another one in 18 years old. Each time was a different experience. as a child, as a teenager and as a youth!

I can not describe it as well as I like. But I think today's photos would show you some of my personal point of view about these 2 holy cities; Mecca and Medina.