Monday, September 15, 2008

The Last Day

Goodbye mom and dad; Goodbye my only brother; Goodbye my family and friends
Goodbye Mashhad; Goodbye Iran
I love you and will miss you. I'll come back soon.

Here is the sparkle of god throne, take off your hat.
Here is the mausoleum of the master of Toos, prone on the ground.

Here is the Mount Sinai, take off your shoes.
Here is the tomb of Ferdowsi, kiss the earth.

Thank you all my friends for your visits and comments during the past few months. Today I and my parents will travel to Tehran and stay there for a few days until Friday. Then I'll fly to the US. Sara will keep posting more photos of Mashhad from tomorrow. Now Mashhad Daily Photos is completely hers. You can check Portland Daily Photos on Friday night to see my first glance on my new home. I may stay in Portland until 2010-11.