Monday, October 20, 2008

Takhti Square

Here is Takhti square.One of old parts of Mashhad and my dad neighbour when he was a child.The appearance of this square is changed but the name of it is still Takhti.Takhti was the most famous wrestler in Iranian history. He was most famous for his chivalrous behaviour and sportsmanship, and he continues to symbolize the essence of sports to the Iranian people.
In 1961, a terrible earthquake occurred in Boein Zahra in western Iran, killing 45,000. Takhti was deeply touched by the suffering. Already one of Iran's biggest stars, he began to walk one of the main avenues of Tehran, asking for assistance for the victims. He inspired other champions to follow in his footsteps, and thousands gave to alleviate the suffering.
Another example of his character comes from a match in Moscow. After defeating the then world champion Anatoli Albul, Takhti saw the sorrow on the face of Albul's mother. Takhti went to her and said, "I'm sorry about the result, but your son is a great wrestler." She smiled and kissed him.
And another memory of him that clarifies his character more: Once he had a match with Russian wrestler Alexander Medved who had an injured right knee. When Takhti found out that he was injured, he never attacked the leg. Instead, he tried to catch the other leg. It shows that he valued honourable behaviour more than reaching victory.Alexander Medved, out of respect, has visited Takhti's grave many times in Iran over the years.
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