Saturday, October 11, 2008

Around Iran # 1:Kandovan Village

Since I decided to make the blog more interesting, Finally I found a way to do it.I want to post more photos about all parts of Iran and not just Mashhad.You will see them by this title : Around are the result of search and my friends.
For today's post I select some photo of Kandovan Village.A dreamy place,as you see!
In Wikipedia I found this about Kandovan :
Kandovan (also spelled Candovan[citation needed]) is a tourist village near Osku or Oscu and Tabriz, Iran. Its fame is due to its special houses which are carved inside rocks. Some of the houses are at least 700 years old and are still being inhabited. Kandovan also has scenic beauty. It's a popular resort with hotels and restaurants there to serve tourists. Its mineral water is also popular by visitors and is believed to be a cure for kidney disease.
I am sure it is not enough for visitor of here,So read my explanation!
Kandovan historical village with specific geographical and natural characteristic is one of the wonderful village of Iran and the world.It located in 52 Km of south Tabriz, capital of eastern Azerbaijan in north –west of Iran, and 20 Km of Oscu town.Root of Kandovan's name In the historical texts, the village is called "Kandou jan" derives from two words Kand meaning village and Jan meaning existence.History of Kandovan The date of Kandovan backs to 13th century simultaneously with Mongolian Invasion but it should be mentioned that there are different opinions about it.People lived in Hillvard village located 2 Km of Kandovan ,but after invasion they moved to Kandovan because of its natural position which helped them protecting themselves from invasions.It seems there was settlement before 13th century but providing more information needs more investigations.The most interesting feature in Kandovan is rocky architecture. Recognizing the first man's houses.The remain of rocky architecture can be seen in Italy, Afghanistan, Greek ,Peru, Latin America and china where unlike Kandovan are empty and out of settlement .There is just one region in the world is as same as Kandovan and it is Gorme valley in Kapadokie located in 300 Km of Ankara, capital city of Turkey.Kandovan unlike Gorme valley is a settlement place for people who live in this village.Kandovan village is the complex of conical rocks that villagers engraved and settled inside them.The rocks are remaining of volcanic eruption of Sahand which was activated in early tertiary period and it continued to early quaternary period .There fore geometrical composition of Kandovan consist of Ignimbrite or touf.Upon the erosion caused by flowing waters, Touf stones are in conical shapes. Inside the rocks which have engraved is called Kran.Krans have usually two, three or four floors.The first floor is utilized as a stable. The second floor and third floor are as living room, the fourth floor is used as ware house.The entrance doors are short and their height is not more than 160 cm. Some krans are employed for public usage such as mosque and bathroom.Inside krans is cool in the summer and warm in the winter .Most of them are toward south and their habitants enjoy sun ray through the windows.
Now, How do you feel about there?