Monday, July 28, 2008

Side trip to Cyprus

Hi my friends, I came back home today. It was a very fun and enjoyable trip.
Thanks to Sara for her nice photos during my absence and also thank you all for your visits and comments. I and Sara will keep posting more photos of Mashhad. Let's see some of my photos in Cyprus.

Marina Beach Street (at night), Larnaca

Marina Beach Street (at day), Larnaca

Surfing on Mediterranean Sea, Larnaca

Larnaca Beach in the morning

A Memorial Statue (I don't know who he is), Nicosia

Music Bars and Clubs, Ayia Napa

I found lots of huge cultural gaps between myself (and also my friends) and the people there in Ayia Napa.. There was a street full of music bars and clubs, strip clubs and etc. They were all drunk there, enjoying loud rock musics and dancing. I may talk about it more later. It was interesting for me to see such new things for the first time but I didn't enjoy it at all.

Good Bye Cyprus and Hello Iran