Monday, July 21, 2008


Here is my Grandpa's Garden.He was died around 16 years ago,When I was just 5 years old.This Garden is my Mom's family heritage.There are lots of old walnut trees in this garden and a nice Waterfall with a river.
I like there so much because of its unique atmosphere.We often go there at end of weeks with my aunts and uncles and their kids.It is a good Chance for us to gathere and forget the pollution of the city and problems of the Machine-made life for a while!

And about the biggest photo;this hand made ladder attract me to take photo,I named this photo "The Ladder To The Sky"!
The other Pictures show The Waterfall and a view of the river.You can see the Wild Raspberries in my photos,too.
I believe that this Garden is part of the parodies!

Let me know your opinions!