Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Portuguese Cannon

Hundreds years ago, Portugal attacked Iran from the south, Persian Gulf. Portuguese invaded south of Iran for several years. This cannon belongs to Portuguese army.

History: By the 17th century, European countries, including Portugal, Great Britain, Imperial Russia, and France had colonial footholds in Iran. In 1507 Portuguese invaded Persian Gulf and captured Hormuz Island. It became a naval base and trade outpost, which lasted more than a hundred years. Shah Esmail Safavi intended to taking it back, but due to the trouble of fighting with Ottomans, he could not dismiss Portuguese and concluded a treaty with them. With conclusion of this treaty, the dominance of Portuguese on the Persian gulf stabilized for some times. Shah Abbas I, with the help of England, expelled them in 1622.

Location: Nader Shah tomb & musuem, Shohada Street, Mashhad