Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Colonel Pecian (Pesian)

Colonel Mohammad Taqi Pecian (Pesian) was the first Iranian pilot. He was born in 1892 in Tabriz. In 1907 he left for Tehran to continue his education and entered Military College. After 5 years he took up the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Gendarmerie, within two years he was promoted to Captain. in 1916 Mohammad Taqi went to live in exile in Berlin. During his time in Berlin, he was trained as a pilot in the German Airforce and was possibly the first Iranian to fly the plane. In 1920 Mohammad Taqi returned to Iran and joined the Gendarmerie. In June 1920 he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and in September 1920 he became commander of Gendarmerie of Khorasan. He is buried in Mashhad, Khorasan in the same garden that contains Nader Shah's tomb in 1921 when he was only 29. He was a great man!

An impressive poem has been written on his grave:
This head which is the sign of commandership,
is free of life today.
Look at him with cautionary,
this is the result of patriotism.

این سر که نشان سرپرستی‌ست
امروز رها ز قید هستی‌ست
با دیدهٔ عبرتش ببینید
کاین عاقبت وطن‌پرستی‌ست