Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mil (Minaret) Khosrogerd

Photo from Trekearth

I took this photo while we were travelling to Tehran

Khosrogerd minaret is a brick made structure erected on the side of the Nishabur –ray road and today lies in a short distance from Sabzevar –Tehran road (near to Mashhad) the minaret is believed to heve also served as a guide to the travelers because it can be seen from a very long distance. Archaeological studies conducted so far suggest that this monument used to signs of any architectural structures have been uncovered in the course of excavations in the suburbs of the structure .
Khosrogerd minaret s manuscript clearly states that the structure was built in 505A.H and today serves to symbolize the architectural style of its time .it has been made of brick while the facade has been ornamented with molded and finely cut exterior bricks that appear in a variety of shapes and styles .the minaret fortunately has remained intact through years and is considered as a valuable architectural work of Khorasan province which has been registered as a national historical heritage that has undergone frequent repair works by Khorasan cultural heritage organization .