Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ashoura III

Why remember Ashuora ?
Why is Imam Hossein regarded as the "leader of the martyrs" ? It is because he was not just the victim of an ambitious ruler. There is no doubt that the tragedy of Kerbala, when ascribed to the killers, is a criminal and terrible act. However when ascribed to Hossein himself, it represents a conscious confrontation and a courageous resistance for a sacred cause. The whole nation had failed to stand up to Yazid. They had succumbed to his will, and deviation and regression towards the pre-Islamic ways were increasing.Passiveness by Imam Hossein in this situation would have meant the end of Islam as we know it. Thus Hossein took upon himself the responsibility of the whole nation. The greatest tragedy was that one who stood up for the noblest of causes, the defence of Islam, was cut down in so cruel a manner.It is for this reason that the sacrifice of Hossein is commemorated annually throughout the Muslim world. Our sorrow never abates as we relive the tragedy.
In Iran many people from other religions like christian and Jewish strongly believe in Imam Hossein as well as they take apart in Ashoura gatherings and respect Imam Hossein. This is a good example that shows the great event of Ashoura is not just for Muslims.
Alam is a kind of symbol for Ashoura event
Near Imam Reza shrine, Today every things are black to Muslims!

People are going to Imam Reza shrine to congregate for sorrowful

Some people use a kind of simple chain (called Zanjir, without knives or razors) to beat their shoulder just to make noise not to harm themselves.

Every day is Ashoura and every place is Karbala.Yeah, That is right. These days many innocent people experience Ashoura event again as Gaza became the other example of Karbala. How we can be quiet?! What is the difference between us and those who did not help Imam Hossein in Ashoura event?!
السلام عليك يا ابا عبدالله
Assalamu alayk Ya Aba Abde Allah
God's regards to you Ya Hossein!