Friday, November 7, 2008

Around Iran # 4 : Ghaleh Rood Khan

Ghaleh Rood Khan is the name of a historical castle, belongs to Saljooghi's age.‎ It is situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from Western South of Fooman in Gilan ‎province. Area of the castle is 2,6 hectares and it is located upward the heights of ‎Roodkhan village. The castles wall has a length of 1500 meters and there are five ‎towers inside it. This castle has been rebuilt in Saljooghis' age and had been fighting ‎bases of Esmaeiles.On the entrance gate of the castle has been written that this castle ‎has been rebuilt in 1513-1516 at the command of Sultan Hesamoddin Amir Dabbaj bne ‎Amir Alaeddin Eshagh. This inscription is held in Ganjineh museum of Rasht. ‎ This castle is located in a height between 665-715 meters from the sea. There is a ‎river with the same name beside the castle.
The length of this castle is about 500 m. and its width changes in the ‎different locations.‎ ‎ Splendid of this castle is very much and it is similar to a thriving city. ‎Author has already seen over 20 castles of England castles, believed that ‎this castle is bigger and stronger than each of them.
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